Pikesville Water Pumping Station Improvements

July 31, 2021 BDE ADMIN

Pikesville Water Pumping Station Improvements

Design, supply, programming and management of medium voltage motor control center at Pikesville Pumping Station. BDE LLC was involved in assisting JMT, the electrical engineer, to design a front accessible, 4.16kV motor control center. The lineup is designed to fit on an existing mezzanine that is built around existing 60” deep equipment. To this requirement, we designed an integrated package, consisting of (2) 1000hP and (2) 750hP Reduced Voltage Solid State Starters, along with a front accessible switchgear lineup consisting of 2000A drawout circuit breakers and fusible switches. The lineup has a manual throwover scheme, generator controller as well as GE circuit breaker and motor relays for protection. We also provided the system studies, medium and low voltage transformers along with programming of the GE relays to work in concert with the SCADA system at the facility.

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