October 2022 Newsletter Edition

October 22, 2022

BDE Newsletter

October 2022 Newsletter Edition

BDE is Innovating!

Blackstar Diversified is teaming up with NoTraffic to provide the Virginia Department of Transportation with video and radar detection in York County, which will provide them with an IoT platform to manage mobility in the region. In layman’s terms, this equipment will be used to maintain the accuracy of traditional loop systems while gaining flexibility in working with future connected vehicle systems. This innovative technology is based on an AI platform that continuously learns traffic flows and utilizes that information to provide accident deterrents for municipalities.

BDE Collaborates!

BDE is excited to join an ecosystem of diverse businesses that is The Founders Roundtable. As DBE owners, it is important that we own and drive topics that affect our businesses. The Founders Roundtable is a group of DBE leaders who have the wherewithal to build and promote this for the entire community, and we will act in this capacity as board members and advisors for this effort. The first push is the Greenwood Project, which is a platform that allows traditional, economically disadvantaged firms to register their business and learn about infrastructure procurement opportunities.

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